This piece is about memory, food, Chinese and Western cultural traditions, etc. During Chinese New Year, people put coins in dumplings, and those who eat the coins foreshadow good luck
In the new year. In the West, coins are hidden in the cake, and those who eat them will have good luck. For me, the three things I remember most are fish, train, and red envelope. To me, these three things symbolize physical health, family
Reunion, and more wealth. I designed these patterns into small glass coins. Then I designed a game or a piece of performance. I would make cupcakes at the exhibition area. I would make 6 cakes at a time and put one of them into a glass coin. No matter how many people are present,
a lottery game must be played. Only those who have drawn a cupcake note can eat the cake. And the audience of glass coins among these 6 people will be even more fortunate. And I will give this coin to this lucky viewer, I just need a photo of the audience storing the coin.
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