Wu Shiqi is a Chinese artist who works on narrative, memory, culture, language, and public engagement in various forms and materials. These include household objects, installations, sculptures, and documentaries. His studio practice focuses on autobiographical storytelling, while he also creates fictional stories and then sculpts them into reality. He wants to give the audience a practical space to imagine and engage in his work through simple and powerful ideas. He works on several art projects that collaborate with scientists, designers, and writers in a cross-disciplinary method, allowing him to bring more possibilities to his work.

He graduated with an MFA in 2021 from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in the glass department. He studied glass blowing and casting techniques primarily, and began working with conceptual art and glass materials. He is interested in site-specific public art and public engagement. His long-term projects include research on marine animals and processes of combining sustainable materials with art materials.  His glass artworks were currently selected for the Corning Museum of Glass new glass review 41, Glass Art Society student exhibition.

In 2018 he received his MFA from Shanghai University, where he studied mainly glass casting techniques. He experimented with glass materials and optics, using sculptural techniques to shape glass and make light dance inside it. He has won many art awards in China for his works.

In 2015 he received a BFA from Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Fresco and Mixed Media Painting. He started playing with the different materials and techniques of craftsmanship: woodworking, metalwork, sculpture, lacquer painting, antique fresco, and mosaic. He also developed a strong interest in public art during his undergraduate studies.

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